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She was screechin like a angry parrot, flappin her stripey wings, backin away from him, droppin the pizza bag n swingin her crash helmet.

"Rudyard's in prison and Mark's a tramp who pushes his belongings around in a supermarket trolley and sleeps on the third floor of a multistorey car park - but y'know, no one's perfect. Certainly not me."
Friendly Kid

"We look like each other." 
"I do not look like you." 
"We look like each other." 
"I am handsome n tall n you a ugly midget."
Hello Dad!

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Author of the novel Corned Beef Sandwich,  published by Crocus Books, winner of  the North West Novel competition and recipient of  universally positive reviews (in the limited number of places it was reviewed - I have to add that to stop anyone getting over-excited).

 Hello Dad! was commissioned, workshopped and given script-in-hand performances at  the Contact Theatre, Manchester; at the Soho Theatre, London; and by Theatre503 at the Chichester Theatre Festival.

Currently working on Doughboy.



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