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Writer at typewriter and skullDoughboy is the thing of the moment. Friendly Kid is one for the future.

Corned Beef Sandwich is the novel of Christmas Past.

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Corned Beef Reviews ...

"The voice of the main character is completely original and the rest of the cast are both bizarre and believable at the same time. The writing is casually stylish and Mark Sullivan uses words and phrases playfully. Corned Beef Sandwich is a comedy crime thriller where the crime is incidental, the thrills are Manchester home video rather than Hollywood blockbuster, and the comedy is understated and effortless."
Book Bytes.

"Brilliant observational comedy ... genuinely hilarious one-liners and a bunch of likeable characters who try, with varying success, to get drunk, stoned & laid."
The Big Issue

"The narrator's gender is as ambiguous as his/her ambition in life, but you can't help sympathising with the insightful and often hilarious take on events."
City Life

"It is funny. It hits on the head confusion. And relationships. Mostly relationships. Right on the nose, so you convulse with laughter. With its sudden revelation of something you always sorta thought but never put into words."

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