hello dad!

let me taste your voice

the man with all the answers


Drama ...

Writer at typewriter and skull
Hello Dad!

"Christian, someone knocks on the door - you do not just invite them in."
"You do if he is your son."
"He is not your son."
"He says he is."


Let Me Taste Your Voice

"Be firm with me, don't be afraid to hurt me. I've had a Mercedes Benz crash into me at sixty miles an hour, there's not much you could do to hurt me. Believe me I'll scream and bite if I don't like it."


The Man With All The Answers

" I am like a snail, I am very slow and soft but I have a very hard shell. But today and yesterday and for all of our days I am sitting with my shell under my arm. I am saying, I know I shouldn't be doing this."


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